Cleaning your candle

At Prosperity Candle, we LOVE to create unique gifts that are much more than a candle. That's why we search the world for beautiful, handcrafted vessels that are easily cleaned for use as distinctive decor, drinking glasses, serving bowls, jewelry holders and so much more.

It's one of the many things that really lights us up. A soda bottle that becomes a candle and then a cool drinking glass -- that's three lives! Or a stunning jewelry box candle that becomes a life-long treasure in your home. Wonderful.

Designed to do good, from start to finish.

OK, so let’s talk wax.

When your candle is finished, you simply remove the wax and wick.

We recommend the "baking" method:
  1. Start with pre-heating your oven on the lowest setting (150F to 170F is sufficient)
  2. Line a pie pan with tinfoil
  3. Place candle upside down in the pie pan, and put it into the oven
  4. The wax will melt and collect on the tinfoil
  5. Remove pie pan and candle from oven (with pot holders!), and let wax drip onto tinfoil
  6. With a paper towel, wipe the vessel clean of any remaining wax
  7. Using a spoon or knife, pry loose the wick tab which is held by glue to the vessel bottom
  8. We recommend repeating this process with clean tin foil until all wax is removed
  9. If it will be used for food or drinking, hand-wash your vessel with soap to ensure all wax has been removed
  10. Enjoy your candle's new life!