Fragrances 2014

We have over 30 wonderful fragrances available, and are always creating new ones. These are our top 5. Each evokes an experience, from a fresh, lemon-y burst of daily inspiration (Inspire) to the soothing pairing of lavender and chamomile (Unwind). All are made with essential oils.

A soothing blend of lavender and chamomile infused with a touch of cedarwood and orange.

A subtle and calming union of bamboo and rich green florals.

A gentle aroma of white tea infused with citrus, jasmine, and subtle spices.

An energizing grapefruit and orange blend combines beautifully with exotic teak, adding hints of earthy woods.

Fresh lemongrass and sparkling citrus notes create a truly uplifting fragrance when combined with sage herbs.

Of course, sometimes the light of a candle itself is all you need. Our unscented candles are entirely fragrance-free.


Our 4oz Inspiration Tins come in the 5 fragrances above, plus:

Antique Sandalwood

Lemon & Lavender

Magnolia Blossom

Sea Mist

Spearmint & Basil

Tea Infusion