"It is important for us to make the connection between our faith and values and our consumer choices. 

Many people of faith will be attracted to Prosperity Candle simply because of the story behind it, the women whose lives have changed, and the ways that PC help WoC and its donors live out our faith values. 

We are proud that a percentage of the proceeds also support our Women’s Empowerment Fund.  Our women love that, too."

Reverend Amy Gopp, Executive Director, Week of Compassion

“What I love most about Prosperity Candle is your passion to shine a spotlight on women who might otherwise go unnoticed. I know many of those women and can say first hand, you’ve helped them shine light into the darkness of their own communities. It must honor God that the darkness runs and hides as light floods in!”

Jeremy Courtney, Executive Director, Preemptive Love Coalition


“[Our partnership with Prosperity Candle is] a match made in heaven.”  

Jay Rollins, UMCOR’s Director of Communications