Ideas for Spreading the Light

Prosperity Candle offers the perfect opportunity for congregations and individuals to incorporate your values when shopping for gifts and purchasing items for events and ceremonies.
The more candles and gift sets purchased, the more women we can empower as entrepreneurs, community leaders, and agents of change. You can help us reach more women and families and make fair trade more accessible.
Here are some great ways our products can help spread the light:

Give As Gifts

Custom designed labels with your denomination or organization’s logo offer the perfect way to recognize the time and service of volunteers, committee members, church staff, lay leadership, speakers & more. If you prefer a gift that shares more of the Prosperity Candle story, you can also choose from our Inspirational Women’s Quote tins or Advent Candles set.

Host a Sale

Extend the reach and impact of the candles by selling them to your congregation and broader network after church services, at holiday bazaars, committee meetings, and many more occasions. Already participating in programs with fellow fair trade champions like Equal Exchange and SERRV International? Our candles and gift sets are an excellent addition to your sales table!


Not only do your purchases support women artisans, but you can also raise money for your congregation/organization. Community Sales Program participants receive discounted prices (up to 33% off retail). This makes it possible to sell our products and raise funds for additional projects & campaigns at the local level. For more information, check out our FAQ.