Give custom corporate gifts with meaning

Shift the gift with custom candles that share your values.

Looking for a gift or promotional product that will leave a lasting impression on your client, donor, employee, or event attendee? Our custom candles are a welcome and thoughtful gift that gives back, while ensuring your message endures. 

Our candles have a triple value.

1. Smart

Who needs another tote bag or water bottle? It’s a waste of resources and opportunity. Our candles are a unique gift. Never left behind. Never thrown out. Easy to carry.

2. Effective

We will create a beautiful label that conveys your organization’s identity, values and message in a memorable way. Your logo, your message.

3. Good

Each candle is handmade by a woman rebuilding her life following conflict or natural disaster. You help lift families out of poverty. You change lives. And every candle includes the name of the woman who created it . . . a tangible and inspiring way to share your message and values.

You'll be in good company.

We've delivered custom candles for some of the world's top mission-driven corporations and non-profits. We can even ship directly to your clients or recipients.

Learn more about our custom candles.

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