Celebrating Advent through sharing the light of fair Trade

When you light Advent candles this year, whether in your home or church, consider giving HOPE to Burmese refugee artisans!

You or your congregation can invest in these women’s futures, simply by choosing fair trade candles this advent season. Your purchase will empower the artisans to support their families, invest in their communities, and create sustained economic prosperity.

Every flame matters

You can make a huge difference!  If each of the approximately 350,000 congregations in the US purchased a single case (18 Advent sets), we could employ dozens of refugee women, fueling a mighty entrepreneurial fire that spreads throughout their families and communities!

"I am so glad I chose to use Prosperity’s Advent set last year. [It] became a way to reflect on the season’s themes with even greater intentionality. It was powerful to know that the small flames that I tended on my kitchen table each Sunday evening were a part of a greater story of faith, hope, joy, and love unfolding around the world."
– Kathryn House (read her full reflection here)

Spread the light and write to the women

As always, each of our candles includes the name of the woman who made it and a story about the impact of the candle so you can reach out directly to her to let her know what you thought of her candles. Your congregation can write to the woman who produced the Advent candles, giving an even more personal and powerful connection during this Advent season. 

For these advent candles we’ve also added a story card reminding those practicing advent about the symbolism of each candle. For us, the importance of “joy”, “hope” and “love” are universal.


“Through Prosperity Candle, we have the opportunity to enhance our Advent journey with the stories of women refugees who are now making a life for themselves in the United States. As they are trained in the craft of candle-making and hone their entrepreneurial skills, not only are they able to survive, along with the families they often support, but they are now learning to thrive."
– Rev. Amy Gopp, Executive Director, Week of Compassion  (read her full reflection here)

Making an impact 

Our Advent program is inspired by the success of the Eco-Palms program, which now serves more than 4,000 US congregations annually with fair trade palm fronds on Palm Sunday.

If we had just that many congregations order one case of Advent sets (18 in each case), we could employ dozens of refugee women to produce the 70,000+ sets.

 To order your Advent sets
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