CRS Human Trafficking Candle

Fragrance Guide
  • This candle supports the work of CRS to shine a light on and put an end to human trafficking and modern slavery.

    With 21 million victims worldwide, there are more slaves today than at any time in history. Human traffickers prey on women and children, displaced persons, and those living in extreme poverty.  It is a crime hidden in plain sight, perpetuated by people who take advantage of migrants seeking employment or escape from conflict.

    With every purchase of this candle a donation is made to support CRS programs, and you help provide a living wage for women refugees in the United States.

    If purchasing 30 or more CRS candles for fundraising, please email us!

    Available in Teak & Sandalwood, Chamomile & Sage, Lime & Basil, Orange Blossom, or Unscented (completely fragrance-free).  Candle arrives gift boxed with the name and signature of the woman who made it and a prayer card.

    Learn more about how you can help shine a light on the victims of human trafficking.

    View the complete collection of candles supporting CRS programs to end human trafficking.

  • Candle - CRS Human Trafficking Candles are hand-poured by women refugees creating new lives for themselves and their families in the United States after loss of their homes, years living in refugee camps, and relocation through UN and federal programs. With every purchase, a donation is made to CRS to support its programs to shine a light on and end human trafficking around the world.

    CRS- As the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States, Catholic Relief Services is working to eradicate human trafficking. It’s just one of the many ways we’re lifting up the world’s most vulnerable. We provide assistance to 107 million poor and disadvantaged people in 101 countries. Because when we can help people find meaningful, dignified work where they live, they are far less likely to risk believing promises of better lives elsewhere. Learn more about how you can help shine a light on the victims of human trafficking.

    Prosperity Candle- Prosperity Candle is a certified B-Corp recognized 2 years in a row for its commitment to social and environmental sustainability by B-Lab's Best for the World list. It believes that equal opportunity for women around the world helps create a brighter future for all.

    Reference- ILO Forced Labour, Human Trafficking and Slavery, September 15, 2015

  • Wax & Wick: premium soy + coconut blend wax without dyes or enhancers, cotton wick

    Fragrance: Made with essential oils, or unscented (fragrance-free)

    Burn time: 18-20 hours

    Vessel: recyclable aluminum tin

    Dimensions: 3" W x 2" H

    Gift Box: arrives in gift box with CRS prayer card



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Fragrance Guide

Unique soy blend fair trade candles handcrafted by women artisans candles at Prosperity Candle

Amber & Bergamot

Warm and inviting, amber and bergamot combined with subtle notes of geranium, black cardamom, sandalwood and eucalyptus.

Clementine & Lavender

A bright, fresh citrus scent of clementine, tangerine, bergamot and lemon… nicely balanced with French lavender. If you love citrus with a subtle twist, this is for you.

Desert Cactus & Rose

Deep and earthy, warm oakmoss is infused with light rose petals, water lilies and geranium, with a touch of musk and clove bud to inspire thoughtfulness and rest. 

Fig & Citrus

Clean and slightly sweet, fresh figs infused with grapefruit, a hint of orange, and lemon zest atop an earthy base of cedar and oakmoss. Wonderfully nuanced, it’s our favorite fig scent.

French Vanilla & Oak

Sweet, familiar and deeply comforting, French vanilla combined with oak, sandalwood, grapefruit and sea salt with a hint of clove. A unique take on a classic.

Ginger & Verbena

Fresh ginger mingles with grapefruit and lemon for a bright and refreshing citrus that energizes in a surprisingly soothing way. A wonderfully balanced fragrance that evokes peaceful spring mornings.

Jasmine & Peony Suede 

Delightfully sweet with a floral twist, blossoming peonies mix with jasmine, red apple, rose and gentle suede giving rise to a joyous scent for any occasion.

Orange Blossom & Waterlily

Fragrant orange blossoms mingle with water lily, iris and clementine leaves above a base note of vetiver. This is a delightfully elegant, soft floral.

Sea Salt & Lotus 

There is nothing like a fresh ocean breeze... clean and buoyant ocean air with a joyful blend of freesia, water lilies, lotus and tuberose offers a truly uplifting ambiance.


Completely fragrance-free.
Perfect for centerpieces, dinner candles and those who prefer no scent.

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