Wick Trimmer, Dipper & Snuffer

The complete tool set for the true candle lover!

Believe it or not, a wick trimmer makes a BIG difference in your candle enjoyment. A quick, easy snip is all it takes! We absolutely love this wick trimmer with its perfect angle and special tray to catch trimmings. Try it, you'll love it too!

But it's actually the wick dipper that really shines... looks so simple, yet that is its brilliance. When you want to extinguish your candles, this ensures no smoke, no splatter, no fuss. Just bend wick into melted wax, then flip back up... and voila! So quick and easy.

To this combo we add an elegant bell-style snuffer... the way everyone extinguished candles a century ago. There is something fun and classic about a snuffer every once in a while. Arrives as a packaged set.

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