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6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style - Prosperity Candle Blog

Emma Watson is an incredible role model who continually advocates for positive change. We love that about her.

Arguing that women and men need to stand together for gender equality, Emma helped kick off the UN's HeForShe campaign in 2014, which we immediately joined. More recently, she has been a strong voice for sustainable fashion. With sweatshops continuing to exploit textile workers around the world despite decades of efforts to expose their unethical ways, her fight to raise awareness is admirable. Fashion should do more than empower the consumer - it should empower the artisans who make our clothes.

It's amazing to see prominent individuals taking a stand for fair trade and ethical products in the fashion industry and beyond. As a social enterprise, we are so grateful to be a part of this movement and connect with a community that is passionate about creating change. Slow fashion and sustainable bloggers are a huge voice in this. They dedicate their time and energy so that we can make the most conscious choices.

So, time to share! Here are 6 of our favorite ethical and sustainable bloggers advocating for ethical fashion and sustainable living.

1. The Good Trade

The Good Trade - 6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style

Founded in 2014, The Good Trade is an incredible ethical blog dedicated to all topics conscious living and ethical style. Each blog piece offers meaningful and inspiring ways to make a positive difference as a consumer. Covering everything from slow fashion and beauty to wellness and culture, The Good Trade has become a go-to resource for individuals looking to switch to ethically-made alternatives. Their curated lists are lighthearted and compelling, with a plethora of beautiful, ethical products to explore. Next time you find yourself with a little downtime, definitely give The Good Trade a look.

2. Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic - 6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style

Sustainably Chic invites fashion enthusiasts to dive into the latest trends and styles in the ethical and sustainable fashion movement. Coming from a background in fashion, ethical blogger Natalie Kay is passionate about making positive change in the garment industry and believes personal actions are a mode to get there. Through her thoughtful product reviews and fair trade OOTD's, she shares a fresh and honest perspective into what responsible fashion can look like. If you care about your impact on people and the earth, you'll fit right into the Sustainably Chic community.

3. EcoCult

EcoCult - 6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style

We love EcoCult for its thoughtful and science-based approach to conscious travel, fashion, beauty, food, and home decor. Editor and ethical blogger Alden Wicker is a lively and engaging voice in the slow living movement, with mind-opening and authentic knowledge to share. From visiting artisans across the world to researching affordable ways to shop ethically, she stays in touch with consumer's concerns and offers ways to make conscious purchasing easier. For a fun read about sustainable fashion and green living, check out EcoCult. 

4. StyleWise Blog

StyleWise Blog - 6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style

StyleWise Blog gives readers a genuine and down-to-earth look into ethical living that is surprisingly relatable. We love founder and editor Leah Wise's authentic and unassuming perspective. As a social good and ethical fashion advocate, ethical blogger Leah creates an inclusive community and dispels myths about sustainable living. Her posts are full of helpful upcycling tips and pair the idea of consuming less with beautiful style inspiration. For a fresh dose of eco-fashion, head over to StyleWise Blog.

5. Michelle for Good

Michelle for Good - 6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style

If you dream of a day when ethical fashion becomes a norm instead of a niche, Michelle for Good is right there with you. As co-founder of the social enterprise The Tote Project, ethical blogger Michelle has dedicated herself to helping fashion-lovers live with style and conscious. Her blog is a wonderful resource in the sustainable fashion movement and empowers consumers to make the change they want to see. 

6. Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess - 6 Ethical Living Blogs that Advocate for Slow Fashion & Conscious Style

Made up of a community of environmental activists and eco fashion advocates, Eco Warrior Princess offers some of the most diverse content out there. As an ever expanding media platform, their writers are actively redefining what it means to live sustainably. We love the clever twists and unique insights each writer brings to the conversation. Eco Warrior Princess is an incredible resource for anyone who is ready to deepen their understanding of ethical living and ask bold questions. 

We love each of these sustainable bloggers advocate for ethical products and offer tangible steps to make a difference. As a social enterprise that supports women artisans, we strongly believe that consumers and businesses have the power to shape a brighter world. You hold the purse strings. We all do, which means we can make change happen simply through our everyday purchases.

Of course, there are so many more ethical and sustainable bloggers than we could list here. Let us know any we might have missed in the comments below!


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Don Davies
Don Davies

June 28, 2021

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December 09, 2019

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